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Featured Projects at University of Chicago
Including startups, initiatives, ideas, etc. Ordered by recent updates.

  • Diana Darina Vivek peter and 2 others
    Which VC and Which Angel

    Status: Archived. We have created a scraper that pulls information about VC and Angel...

    Jake Waqar
    Lumi Health

    Lumi Health is a SaaS healthcare 3rd Party Administrator for small businesses. We're...

  • Pamela Waqar

    NobleWIRE develops wireless sensor mesh network technologies for products that support...

    Alex Hadrian
    BusyNote – Your Personal Nagger

    What’s common between busy professionals and procrastinators? They both need to know on...

  • Daniel

    Web based, flexible retirement forecasting tools. I am a GSB alum developing a...

    William Richard Earl
    Contact Collector

    We have a plan for a system of multiple mobile apps to improve the way event organizers...

  • Brian


    CollegeLately is a semi-annoymous platform where users can make post and interact...

  • Zain Hyder Ejaz

    STEMfunder is a social crowdfunding platform for academic projects and research in...

    Aparna Stefano Michael Bhavik and 1 others

    At HighStride, we run your training, so that you can run your race. We are the only web...

  • Conor
    Video Editing Company

    I would like to create a online video editing service that caters to people who record...


    Your phone knows who you are. Why fill in forms by hand when your phone can tell others...

  • Tyler

    THE THINK TANK will be a mobile neuroscience lab and education station, powered by the...

    Luca Matthew

    Qcare intends to change the healthcare industry by providing patients, insurances and...

  • David Joe

    Draftpedia is the first and only mobile sports encyclopedia - the "IMDB for Sports"....


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